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Our philosophy: We'll get it for you!

The so-called " Backline" designates the instruments and devices, which artists need, for their performance on stage, and which are usually set up behind the musicians (therefore: back-line). The backline is thus the "tool of the musician" and from there plays an immensely important role for a successful show. It must perfectly work within the smallest detail - there is e.g. nothing more unpleasant for musicians than a hard running hi-hat, because a small screw is loose, or a wobbly key board stand. Often the small things change the gig into a disater for the artist.

Backline Austria is aiming, besides from the usual equipment rental, to above all offer a professional Full Service means to process the complete backline needs starting at recieving the Riders ītil to the end of the show, so that both organizers and musicians are served perfectly . This always happens in arrangement with PA techs, tour- and productionmanagers and in the meantime due to our experience for many years also directly with the artists themselves.

A further important and in our opinion natural service is to find and get instruments and devices, which we do not have available in our stock, without extra costs either in our enormous network of musicians, music studios and lenders or at least directly clearify with tourmanagemer/artist whether there is a suitable substitute instrument or appairel. Through our know-how and expertise of the devices present on the market this is mostly settled within a telephone call.
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